The way of an artist goes always in twists and turns… it looks like nothing in the field of art is happening straight and easy. Every time I am asked to describe my work I simply answer - I write and shoot. I graduated in two different fields - Medical Physics at the Sofia University and Cinema and TV Directing at The National Academy of Theatre and Film Art. My PhD was on VideoDance at the Institute of Art Studies, where I continued my researches on Stage and Screen and Photography. During the years I succeeded to make many personal projects - at the end of 2003 I published my first short stories in a book called "Vacuum". In 2004 I realized my first short film "A Look In The Eyes". At the end of 2005 I presented my first exhibition "Forms and Words". It was an experimental project, combining two arts - Haiku and Photography. Shortly afterwards I finished my first documentary short "We". As a student I wrote and directed the film "Praga 18", following in the years "Elusive", "A...", "Water", "Jam Session", "Run Out Of You", "Fight". My photography works were presented in the exhibitions "Still Life", "One", "DanCine project", "Contemporary dance", "Writings". Along with my personal projects I've been working as a director, photographer, cameraman and stage light designer for different companies and projects. | +359 884 319 568